Coal Porters


ahh it can frequently be the way - you don’t realise you like it....

    look what happened to me:

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    Yup, the BG Porters have made a 5th waxing - with acoustic veteran John Wood at the helm. (in NBH world, another big plus is the fact that he also made the mighty “Rags, Reels and Airs” - one of the first records that NBH and father RNH bonded over - it still sounds great by the way AND features the much-missed Diz Disley) - “I always carry a bottle of brandy, in case I’m bitten by a snake...

    1. -which I also carry”.


As of last 13 years, have played Jerry Lewis to to Sid Griffin's Dean Martin (maybe that's the other way round) or for BBC 4 viewers, Lord Walsingham to SG's Queen Elizabeth 1st... or possibly timeshare Sancho Panza - anyway, was drafted in to play pedal steel and Telecaster in Western Electric and then was hoodwinked into playing bluegrass as the band mutated into an acoustic outfit ( leaving me feeling a little like Dexy's trombonist big Jimmy Paterson, who found himself being handed a cello as Kevin decreed that the celtic diddle soul direction was THE one...  )suffice to say the ability to play anywhere, that's anywhere, to any audience has turned out to be somewhat liberating, as has setting off to gigs with a just a guitar, a clean shirt and a toothbrush. ( I've lost count of the number of times the East London constabulary have politely suggested that I return home and add a few more items of clothing to this ensemble.)

Read my technically revealing recording blog  and find out more than you think you wanted to know about previous waxing Durango

The CPs had a riotous visit to South by Southwest in Austin, Texas this March - here’s some video evidence from our ol’ pal Art Fein. There are some other audio snapshots here


Band profile

Name: The Coal Porters

Genre: Alt.Bluegrass



(In order of appearance)

Sid Griffin

Neil Bob Herd

Tali Trow

Paul Fitzgerald

Kerenza Peacock



“..but I still don’t like bluegrass...”

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